Friday, 8 October 2010

Really touched by Blog Award and some exciting news...

Hi guys,

Gosh finally it is FRIDAY, this just feels like the longest week ever.  It has just been SO busy.  I am off on holiday next week for 3 weeks to India and work has really got on top of me, I am a field sales rep so I have been out seeing customers all day then coming home to action all my days events and been trying to make cards, as well as packing and house chores and walking the dog and being a wife etc etc....  Yes much like everyone's life I guess but then it gets worse, my laptop broke, which my darling hubby fixed, only to find my work blackberry died the next day!!! This just completely put my work life on hold as I couldn't do ANYTHING while I was out and about for work so have been working late every night then waking up after a handful of hours of sleep so yes I really pants week....

Anyway, now that I've let that out, I have 3 bits of REALLY good news, and this is what has kept me going all week.  Firstly I am off on holiday next week, I am so excited, I haven't been to India for 15yrs so only have childhood memories and lots of poorly memories lol (my fault completely, I didn't listen to my parents when they said don't eat or drink something lol) the hubby has never been so we are really looking forward to it.

The second bit of news, I had an email from Laurette of Craft your passion, she has asked me to be a GDT for November, I just cannot believe it, I am absolutely delighted and excited.  I haven't been blogging for long so this just blew me away, I just can not wait to get started, in fact, am I supposed to be sharing this? : /  Anyway I just had to as I am rubbish with keeping such exciting secrets lolz.

And the last but surely the most touching and special news is my Blog Award.  This I had to read and check many times before I believed it.  I am one of those people who is just unlucky (not looking for sympathy but I never win anything or get anything, I just keep working hard and hope that one day things will get better) and you know what they just are.  My job is really demanding, I love it but it can take over my life this is why this year I thought I really have to do something to keep me sane and it is my crafting.  Like I said already I am new to blogging yet someone as talented as Sally Atkins (check out her blog if you haven't before, it is just fab) really blew me away with this award:

Thank you so much Sally, I really appreciate it x

In order to accept this award I have to tell you 7 things about me and then pass it to 7 bloggers, so here goes:

  1. I am an extremely bubbly, happy go easy character
  2. I never switch off, I'm always doing something
  3. I love my hubby, fur baby and family loads
  4. I was a huge rebel as a child and teen and have changed a lot since, I am so pleased I did, thanks to the hubby
  5. I love going to the gym and keeping fit and active
  6. I grow my own veg and am a keen gardener
  7. I like to express myself and my personality in my work
Now to the blogs I want to pass this award to.  I love visiting your blogs and find them extremely inspiring.  Thank you x

  1. Maria (it was from stalking your blog that I started my own)
  2. Mackenzie (again I stalked your blog loads before I plucked up the courage to start my own)
  3. Mandy (your work is just amazing)
  4. Lisa (your work and colouring is beautiful)
  5. Chrissy (you are just so talented and generous)
  6. Debs (again just great work)
  7. Jacqui (just great talent and inspiration)
I hope you all have a wonderful day x


  1. Thanks Meera for the blog award and a shout out about my blog. I'm glad it motivated you to get your blog started! Blogging and crafting are so much fun!!!

    Hey. . .I never switch off either. . .I can't keep still. . .constantly moving and doing. . .:)


  2. Huge Congrats on your guest Designer spot for November, really look forward to your fabulous creations, thank you so much for thinking of me and gifting this wonderful blog award, I'm honored and it's fabulous

  3. Hi Meera, I hope this gets to you before you head off to India! It sounds like you had a horrendous week last week, but hopefully all is well now and I hope you and your hubby have a fantastic time away! It must be amazing to visit India after not being there for so many years.

    It was great reading more about you. I'm so impressed that you grow your own veg! I'm staying at my brother and family's at the moment for a few days and they grow loads of veg and some fruit too, and have chickens. It's very different to our little flat in London but a really nice change. Anyway, take care and have a fabulous holiday! x

  4. Oh and many congrats on your DT spot! I'm so thrilled for you and look forward to seeing all your inspiring projects!